[QoS] Limit download speed only for WAN connections

Hi, I have router (VyOS) with below configuration:
eth0 - WAN
eth1 - LAN_1
eth2 - LAN_2
eth3 - LAN_3

I wouild like to limit download speed from Internet only for eth1 interface, but speed between LAN should still be high.
How I can achive this using QoS limiter traffic-policy?
Can you give me a working example for this case?

Thanks in advance for your help.

use shaper policy (class is based on your requirements)

shaper QoS {
bandwidth 20mbit
class 10 {
bandwidth 60%
burst 15k
ceiling 80%
description “online games”
match dscp {
ip {
dscp 11
queue-type fair-queue
class 11 {
bandwidth 35%
burst 15k
ceiling 35%
description browsing
match dscp {
ip {
dscp 50
queue-limit 70
queue-type fair-queue
default {
bandwidth 5%
burst 15k
ceiling 5%
queue-type fair-queue

then apply in interface

ethernet eth1 {
description Lan
duplex auto
hw-id 00:0c:29:c0:e5:8c
smp_affinity auto
speed auto
traffic-policy {
out QoS

hope that hepls…

That won’t work. He wants to limit the bandwidth from the internet eth0 to eth1, so needs a limiter applied to the inbound side of eth0 for traffic destined to go to eth1. Assuming that eth1 uses 192.168.xx.yy

set traffic-policy limiter MYLIMIT class 10 bandwidth 300kbit
set traffic-policy limiter MYLIMIT class 10 description "Limit download speed"
set traffic-policy limiter MYLIMIT class 10 match ETH1 ip destination address 192.168.xx.yy
set interfaces ethernet eth0 traffic‐policy in MYLIMIT