queries regarding OpenVPN/Vyos Client-Server mode


Hi Guys,

I am planning to set up Vyos in OpenVPN client-Server mode where almost 20-30 users will connect to my Vyos server using windows as a IPsec Remote Access VPN solution. Plus they will receive an IP from subnet which will be allocated by Vyos.

So, can we deploy this topology with Vyos where 20-30 users will be connected to router in IPsec client mode? Where would I configure the users then, can we create those on VYos box as well? I know it can be synced with AD with AD plugin but wondering if those can be created internally.

Please advise.


OpenVPN works just great, built in Windows IPSec client is other story
I seen mixed success reports about using built in l2tp win client


Hey there,

I do not intend do that with Windows inbuilt IPsec but a opevpn client on windows that is if multiple users can connect to Vyos at a time? I mean simultaneously can 25-35 users logs in from windows machine?


Yes, should be just fine, all depends on hardware that you use and bandwidth usage i guess