Rate limit for clients

Good day, please help if you can. I have 50 clients and for each client I need rate limit to 10 mbit/sec. What best method for realize this situation? I try to make traffic-policy shaper … but, I need create class for every client with same configuration about rate limit and config is very big. Maybe there is a better way? Thank you.

Hi @Zeusadm
Which scheme do you use? Vlan per user or something else?
Can you describe more details with example of your config?

All clients going trough one interface between two routers. And I need rate limit based only on ip addresses of my clients. Если по русски все клиенты проходят через 1 интерфейс между двумя маршрутизаторами, поэтому мне необходимо зарезать скорость только на основании ip адресов клиентов.