Real problem with ipsec.conf

Hello, we are using vyos 1.1.8 amd64 in production environment and have serious problem with ipsec configuration partially disappearing(some tunnel disappears) when we do some updates in running configuration. To temporarily resolve this problem we are just adding description string in disappeared tunnel and committing this changes, after that tunnel inserting to ipsec.conf and working. This problem was in vyatta and ubiqiuti edge max pro router too(example

In production this problem is very serious for us and we are asking you so much to fix it as soon as you can please.

Thank you so much in advance!

We not support 1.1.x series as it´s already EOLed
you also not provided config and steps how to reproduce.

my best advice will be try on 1.2

ok, thank you, I will try to use latest version and write you, but I think this problem is still exist in 1.2 because it’s an old problem and still not resolved eat. Anyway write to you on problem begins at version 1.2. Thank you for so fast reply