Redirect VLAN out of physical USB NIC question


Wonder if someone would kindly advise, and put me on the right track.

So, my scenario is; I am attempting to install a Cisco vWLC on my laptop, in a VMWare Workstation environment. I have installed both VYOS, and vWLC, created a trunk between VYOS and WLC which includes 2 VLANS:

Bridge to my laptop NIC, to my home router.

VLAN10 = WLC-Management
VLAN20 = AP-Management (includes DHCP scope for the access points)

External connection to physical AP, bridged to USB NIC connected to laptop.

This works perfectly, having nated the external IP address in ETH0, I am able to web manage the WLC on the internal Management interface (VLAN10).

My issue with the AP VLAN, I would like to redirect this, with a bit of routing, back out a secondary USB NIC on my laptop to an externally connected physical Access Point. I have looking to create a third virtual NIC in VMware, associate this with VYOS and then in someway bridge the Ethernet adapter so that it appears on the same VLAN as that of my AP-Management VLAN, and then communicates with my WLC?

I am at the point where I am struggling to see the woods for the trees now!


Pretty certain this may help me:

Adding VLANs to a Bridge

If you don’t have a switch, or want to use your VyOS router as a root switch, you may want to trunk the same VLANs over multiple ports. Bridges are helpful in this case. Here is an example config:

set interfaces bridge br2 set interfaces ethernet eth2 vif 2 bridge-group bridge br2 set interfaces ethernet eth2 vif 2 address

If you don’t want to bother with VLANs, you can simply add an address to the bridge interface just like any other interface:

set interfaces bridge br2 address

I think (hopefully) I am making some progress:

 vif 20 {
     bridge-group {
         bridge br0
     description AP-Management

ethernet eth2 {
bridge-group {
bridge br0
description “Outer to USB NIC”
hw-id 00:0c:29:de:7d:08

I am missing DHCP on the VLAN now, which I need to do through vyos.


I solved my own issue, so I am leaving a comment here just in case anyone else is looking to do the same.

So I chose not to use VYOS in the end (not the reason why I couldn’t get it to work); I used a combination on GNS3, GNS3 VM, VMWare Workstation; images for a Windows Server 2016, Cisco Router, Cisco Switch, Cisco WLC, a physical Cisco 1142 access point, and an additional USB NIC. I built a real world topology in GNS3 and redirected the management vlan to a local usb nic on my laptop and so was able to achieve what I required.

I am now able to join an AP to my WLC, and use all functionality. I feal this approach gives me a better real world feal.