Remote Access API 2.0

I used to subscribe to Vyatta before it went downhill - I’d developed some software specific to reading HTTP logs from an IBM i and modifying the router configuration based on the content of these logs.

Does VyOS have the same API that will modify the configuration from a program. This mainly inserted IP addresses into a block list.

Sorry if this is a dumb question - I’m searching now having just subscribed. I have an original vyatta device which I’d like to spin up again.

VyOS don’t have same API

Does it have anything similar…


we have python library for config management, and you also can use Ansible,
SaltStack also will be available in 1.2
We plan introduce API in Q1-2 2019

OK thanks I’ll check them out.

I think I’ll wait for the API if its going to be similar to the old Vyatta API.
Thanks anyway