[Resolved] Routing Issue


I’ve setup a VyOS 1.1.1 virtual machine with 4 NICs, one is “real” and points towards my network and the other 3 are connected to virtual switches. I can ping all 4 NIC IP addresses from a machine on the “real” network and I can do the same from a virtual machine however there is no traffic between them. I know I can setup nat to allow the VM to access the internet but I want to access the virtual machines using their IP addresses.

Basically I want it to act more like a layer 3 switch with IP routing turned on and each interface equivalent to a VLAN so all endpoints are reachable by their own IP address. I’m sure I had this working before but a slight crash wiped out the config (there was no backup either) and I can’t remember what I did.

Any help would be most appreciated!

I’m going to kill my stupid head, it finally woke up and presented the answer to me!

NAT setup allows virtual machines to access the internet as the “real” router has no knowledge of the IP subnets used within the VM environment and only understands as a range. The physical PC has knowledge of the subnet which is in it’s routing table, next hop is eth0 of the VyOS. Setting up NAT allow VMs internet access and sorting the rules of the VMs firewall allows the physical PC to ping / RDP to them.

Question closed!