Restart FRRouting or the bgpd process



i recently had a problem with the bgpd process in VyOS 1.2 RC11. I wanted to restart the process, but i actually didn’t know how achieve this the right way. I can’t do it via the system service (service frr restart) and i can’t use the frr scripts (i believe /usr/local/frr), because then somehow only zebra will be started again. So what would be the right way to restart frr or the bgpd in newer VyOS versions?

Thanks for your help!


Hi rcit!

1.2 crux does not support restarting frr processes. The way frr is handeled rigth now makes frr processes restart into an “empty” unconfigured state on process restart… this is one of the tings needing to be fixed in a later revision…

So, for now the only way to restart frr processes is to reload the device or manually reconfigure frr upon process reload.


Hi runar!

Thanks for your reply. About the manual reconfiguration of frr, how can this be achieved? Is there a way to manually load the frr configuration files for the processes in question? And if yes, how do I do this?

Thanks again! :slight_smile: