RFC3447 RSA key import

Hi there. Recently I am deploying many VPN tunnels between different end equipment on the peer side (for now mostly Sophos and Mikrotik hardware). For both, default format for exported RSA pubkeys is RFC3447. I have seen, that this is also format, that VyOS uses internally, when importing RFC3110 formatted keys, but - when I supply one packed in RFC3447 it is not reformatted correctly, resulting in authentication failure. I had no really time to dig into import scripts, but I believe VyOS imports RFC3447 “as is”, while when it imports RFC3110 pubkey it will add its own ASN.1 headers, which it considers same. Clearly, one of the solutions could be altering import header, when ASN.1 is detected. Is it possible?

Currently used branch: 1.3