Route preferences is not working on vyos 1.2.6

Hi Guys,

I am not much pro in BGP and working on one my test scenario with route preferences. I need to reach from to with Route preferences as given in numerological order 1, 2 & 3.

I tried with weight option which I am aware of but looks like a bug and weight is not being populated. Any other idea or option you guys can suggest?

You probably want “localpref” rather than weight…

On R4 or R5? But is weight really not working in 1.2.x?

Are the links between r4 & r5 iBGP or eBGP? If eBGP, you should set localpref on import of routes at both ends. You may want to read up on BGP’s route selection algorithm…

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Those are ebgp and I am seeing the way around.

Hello, blason!

Please specify your vyos version. Also, could you please tell, did you try set vpn ipsec options disable-route-autoinstall?
You can also clear 220 table
After all of this please let me know if it works

Oh I see - nope I didnt try that. Let me see that.

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