Routing Between Subnets



Sorry if this has been asked before, but not managed to find the answer.

I’ve deployed vyos firewall into my test lab which is running on VMworkstation and want to be able to connect via rdp to VMs running on my lab subnet from my home wifi.

I have 3 networks configured with VMworkstation as follows:
VMNET1 = bridge directly to home network

I have configured 3 ethernet interfaces on the vyos as follows:
eth0 = VMNET1
eth1 = VMNET2
eth2 = VMNET3

I can ping each eth interface .254 from all VMNETS, but can’t RDP or ping any host on any other networks from my home network.

So i can ping from my laptop on wifi home network:

if i run tracert from my laptop to it hits but doesn’t go to the next hop of which i think is the problem, but dont know how to solve?

Any help would be much appreciated




So i finally managed to solve this. It’s turns out that the order i added the NICs to the system wasn’t the same order as vyos displayed.

So NIC 1 within the VM wasn’t NIC 1 within vyos, so when i added the address to the interface it wasn’t on the same network/subnet. doh!

Anyway, i can now ping across all subnets, but have a odd issue that some the the devices on VMNET 2 are not pingable from VMNET 1

So i can ping from to but i can’t ping from to

If i rdp onto device i can ping so i know is contactable.

What might be causing this?




On the device, what is the default gateway? Presumably the device is using as its gateway, so the ping replies get back to

My guess is that the device does not use as its gateway, or it has some other route to so the reply packets are not getting back.