Routing without NAT or DHCP?

This seems like a simple configuration to me and I’m clearly missing something obvious here about VyOS… I’m new to it so any help would be appreciated.

My desire is to create a very simple configuration as a basic starting point. I have configured VyOS (1.1.7) as follows:

interfaces {
ethernet eth0 {
description Outside
… (rest is default)
ethernet eth1 {
description Inside
… (rest is default)

I have NOT configured NAT or DHCP on this vyos instance and all other configuration settings are ‘stock’ defaults…

I put a host on the network (assigned it ip address manually).
This host IS ABLE to ping:
- (it’s default gateway, the eth1 interface on the vyos)
- (The eth0 interface on the vyso)

But NOT able to ping any other hosts on the network (although these are quite pingable (is that a word?) from the vyos console itself).

So it would seem that VyOS doesn’t forward/route by default… is it possible to enable ip forwarding in this configuration?

Now, additional testing shows me that if I configure NAT on eth1, that resolves the pinging problem (but I don’t want NAT!).

I’m rather confused here, can anyone help clear this up? I find it odd that I"m not able to find any references to this - but whatever references I do find all say “configure NAT”… well… if I don’t want NAT what can I do here? Clearly it SHOULD be possible to have the VyOS route between the two locally connected networks on eth0 and eth1 shouldn’t it?

Output from show ip route is as I would expect here:

C>* is directly connected, eth0
C>* is directly connected, lo
C>* is directly connected, eth1

Thanks in advance!

Does the hosts in (outside) net have as their default gateway? Or have a route to for the net