RTNETLINK answers: Permission denied

Has anyone seen this issue:

router12# commit
[ interfaces ethernet eth1 address 2002:1000:1000::17ea/126 ]
RTNETLINK answers: Permission denied

[[interfaces ethernet eth1]] failed
Commit failed

I had an Interface disappear from config due to bouncing. Was physical cable issue. But that is resolved. I was getting some overruns and errors on TX side. I replaced cable and resolved issue. But the interface was missing from config mode. Non-config mode it was there. Very weird. Anyways I had to manually add it back and setup the interface again. But when I tried to add the IPv6 address I am getting this issue. I already rebooted and that doesn’t help. Any help is appreciated.

I have same issue on any image from vyos-1.2.0-rolling201808282310 and up.

This is with a logical interface ( bonding with vlan 200 and 101 in my case)

set interface bonding bond0 vif 200 address dhcp
set interface bonding bond0 vif 200 address dhcpv6
set interface bonding bond0 vif 101 address

results in following errors:

fma@vyos:~$ show configuration commands
Could not parse the config file: Parse error

and it wont save the interface settings regardless.

Have you setup the slave devices? Also, can you please test with the latest rolling?
i can’t reproduce it.

After trying out some stuff with dmbaturin on the IRC and it seems my problem was some syntax validation problem which was fixed but it required me to remove VPN config and reapply it agian before i could do “show config commands” and get expected results.

I still however have my problem where the config for my WAN dissappears but it has been narrowed down the the DHCP and DHCPv6 rewrites and the IPv6 validation. Cause if i dont use DHCPv6 in my config, my VyOS box will remember the WAN config.

@hagbard lastest image VyOS 1.2.0-rolling+201809120337 fixed my problem with
RTNETLINK answers: Permission denied
config already exists

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