Seperate management interface

Hi, everyone!

I’m actually looking for an option to seperate management interface from other interfaces. VRF comes to mind, but, as I read, there is actually no standard implementation using network name spaces or vrf.

What I really would like to achieve is to seperate management from the rest of the router. Here management interface gets its Addresses from DHCP whereas other interfaces are configured by Ansible statically. OSPF is used on other interfaces, but routes from management should not be announced (done by unsing route-map). But there should also one problem be addressed: DHCP assigns a default route,which should not be used for production traffic originating from interfaces other than manangement.

I would like to keep configuration the simplest possible and not to work with a widely spread firewall rule set.

Are there any suggestions or did anyone solve this in the past? Any hints welcome! Thanks, guys!


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KVM host, running VyOS guest(s), so you can use 1 pc for several routers if you want to.
Speed drop is very low unless you have huge traffic

HI @LinuksGuru!

No, thats not the point. The Routers are virtualized already but I need to manage them with Ansible as automation tool. So we need some kind of seperate management interface thorugh which the router will be configured.

Thanks, anyway, for your answer!