Setting Up A Daily Shutdown Task... Thank you!


Greetings again! No luck yet how to set up this daily shutdown task that I need every morning. Please help if you can.

I’m currently trying:

My fault is probably on this last line of instruction calling the command mistakenly for the context of a scheduled job.

Anyway. Much appreciated.


Path should include binary itself, like /sbin/shutdown
arguments: -h now
What really puzzles me: Why would you want to shutdown the router?
I can see logic in fresh reboot


Thank you for your reply and tip. Worked for me!

When I decided to build my own network, I devised every type of appliance to work in shifts. There are mainly triggered by internal clock (or “WoL”) to start the shift and break with an internal “cron” job. I’m also always looking for hardware with the right scheduling features.

I therefore have peace of mind that for every appliance there is a backup ready to take the place automatically if a ping test fails, for example.