Setting up two network to talk to one another

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I am a Newbie at setting up a VYOS l router, think I done rather well so far, but I can’t figure out how to configure the final step

My setup
Exsi system with three network cards (run two networks one virtual and one physical)

Network Card 1 ETH00 DHCP internet router (management port) 192. 168.0.1 as its DFG
Network Card 2 ETH01
Network Card 3 ETH02

I am trying to set up a new test environment for XenDesktop with one network hosting the enterprise part of the network and the seconded hosting the VMS on a XenServer.
The network will act has each network Default gateway (DFG) both networks should have access to the internet and should be able to communicate with one another (same domain)

Configured the network interfaces on my router with the above information
ETH00 has NAT enabled
Created a DNS FWD to 192. 168.0.1 my internet router DFG
Turned off Windows Firewall on everything
added two static routes for the interfaces

The issue
Both networks have internet access but are unable to communicate with one another

Host1 – Internet access works
Ping – its own DFG
Ping – other DFG
Ping – Failed to Ping host on the other side
Same if I try from the other side

I think I have not configured my routing to work

Any suggegtions are in the same /24, so there is no routing involved at all. How did you connect the hosts, are they directly connected? Do you have any filters in place? You also can’t have the hosts address ad default gateway, if you want to have traffic with anything outside the /24.
Make sure that your 2 upstream interfaces can reach each other (.11, .12).