Should 'vyatta-wirelessmodem' be removed from packages?

The control file for vyatta-cfg-firewall says that it replaces vyatta-wirelessmodem:

This line was added on 29 Apr 2009:

And yet there have been changes to the vyatta-wirelessmodem package since then.

Should ‘vyatta-wirelessmodem’ be removed from the packages directory?
Or should the Replace line be removed from vyatta-cfg-firewall?

For me it looks like a error, it doesn’t only replace vyatta-wirelessmodem, but also vyatta-cfg-system and
vyatta-openvpn… This might be because it is replacing files created by these packagaes but if that is the case we need to handle that in some other way. Also the policy about upgrading vyos is for now upgrade by installing new image, so the issue in the commit from 09 is non-existant i think.

Could you open a ticket on thin on

@runar check out the iso, all those pkgs are installed and if you strip off the control file it contains the replace filed as well. So, normally what njh see is the expected result, what we have in the rolling releases is not. So I wonder if we have a bigger issue somewhere during the build process.

Apologies, I misunderstood the semantics of the Replaces directive:

I assumed it referred to whole packages, not conflicting files, provided by both packages.

Phabricator ticket raised:

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