[Solved] Booting Rolling Release in KVM fails

after successful installation of VyOS 1.1.8 I want to add VyOS 1.2 rolling.

However when I try to boot the iso “vyos-1.2.0-rolling+201904100337-amd64.iso” I get this error (see screenshot).

Why is VyOS 1.2 not booting in KVM?


At a glance, this looks like the kernel is unable to locate any partitions that contain the root filesystem.

This usually indicates that the wrong type of block device or virtual storage controller is configured for the VM.

Can you dump the VM settings?

Yes, we need either the libvirt config or complete qemu-kvm options.

Also, tell us how you installed VyOS and were there any errors. Is it not booting after “add system image” from 1.1.8, or you are booting an 1.2.0 rolling livecd?

I forgot one quick check: how much memory does your VM have? By default KVM gives VMs only 128M RAM, which is too little to unpack the initramfs, so make sure you give it at least 256 (“qemu-kvm -m 256 …”).

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