[Solved] [T1019] Enable Google BBR congestion control module in the kernel

I am not an expert of linux kernel but it should be trivial to enable Google BBR congestion control: https://github.com/google/bbr

Kernels > 4.9 comes with it already built-in but not enabled by default.

It helps a lot for traffic over congestionated networks.

Should I open a phabricator ticket for this feature request?

I tried to git clone, edit, compile, build iso, submit PR but still way toooooo newbie

Anyway I opened a feature request on phabricator with the steps to enable this feature.
It should be pretty straightforward.

Here is the task: ⚓ T1019 Enable Google BBR support at kernel compile time

Thanks @c-po and all of you.
I was going to try to submit a patch but had not enough time yet. You were faster.
Looking forward to test this feature in some router we deployed in Far East Asia