Some questions about VyOs (conf, etc)


First, thanks for this fork :slight_smile:

In fact i’ve several questions about VyOS :

  • I need an RouterOS like which support configure via CFG or anyway. My need is to get 2 router box for client : the first for production and the second for backup-plan and ready to plug-in with instant configuration (clone) with a CFG-like. Is that possible with VyOS ?
  • Is there a squid-like to filter web ? With error report, etc.
  • I’ve just seen that you planed to get VyOS on several platform, estimation for MIPS/64 ?
  • I also see that we need 2GB of space to handle VyOS, is that possible to downstream to 1GB ?

Again, thanks !


What is that CFG you are talking about?

There is squid and squidguard, under “set service webproxy”.

We don’t plan porting to other platforms now. It’s enormous amount of work we can’t justify at this point, provided we do not make any hardware ourselves. Same with size reduction, or primary targets are big x86 machines and virtual routers, so we’d rather make it feature-rich than compact.
If you want embedded Vyatta-like system, consider Ubiquiti EdgeOS (Ubiquiti - Rethinking IT).

Does anyone have the mpis of processing in Vyos?