Speed when switching over 10gbpd



I have a client with a very tight budget who is really in need of 10gb networking. They run a video site that is mostly video traffic and maxes out at 9gbps.

A lot of reviews are quite confusing so here is my questions.

I want to set up a machine from existing stock which is a pretty powerful HP Gen 8. As this machine will only be switching will it cope with 9+Gbps of throughput? My plan is to run Intel SFP+ cards.




Hi, @Dawid!
If you really want just switching, then using VyOS is not a very good idea for this task. If you want to route 10 Gbps traffic, then I believe that this can be done by VyOS. However, this might require some fine tune of network parameters and firewall.


Hey zsdc,

I did a lot of reading and decided to go for an Arista switch off of eBay. It’s such a shame high throughput is an issue, I much prefer making my own solutions that buying 10 year old clapped out DC rubbish!