Static Routes not taking affect

Having another problem on my two VyOS boxes. I’ve set up a static route on router B to have general internet access via router A, but it does not appear to be taking affect. Trying to ping anything on the internet gives a “network is unreachable” error as if there is no route.

vyos@B# sh protocols static route { next-hop { distance 3 } } vyos@B# sh ip route S> [3/0] via, eth5 C>* is directly connected, eth5 vyos@B#


‘show ip route’ on both vyos systems.

As requested, routing tables from all involved systems posted here

The far-left system has eth2 connected to eth5 of the centre system. Centre system also has eth4 connected to eth2 of the far-right system. The far-left system has internet access, and the far-right system has the IP ( that I want to make accessible to the internet.

Ok, right can ping middle on Can right ping left on

From right, what does ‘traceroute’ show?

Middle can ping with no problems. Right cannot ping, and receives a “Destination host unavailable” from

Running a traceroute from right to shows the following:

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets 1 ( 2997.770 ms !H 2997.695 ms !H 2997.682 ms !H