Subnet routing Issues

Hi ,

newbie here and looking for some guidance on a issue Im facing with my setup.

Im setting up a vyos router in my vmware workstation.

vyos@VYOSRouter:~$ sh interfaces
Codes: S - State, L - Link, u - Up, D - Down, A - Admin Down
Interface IP Address S/L Description

eth0 u/u NAT-extAccess
eth1 u/u vmnet10
eth2 u/u vmnet20
eth3 u/u vmnet30
lo u/u
Can Ping from external to all subnets.
Cannot Ping from 10.10.1.x subnet to
Cannot Ping from 10.10.1.x subnet to 192.168.239.x
Cannot Ping from 10.10.2.x subnet to 192.168.239.x

Do I need to create any routes for these subnets ?

Form where do you initiate the icmp echo requests? The destination also have to know the way back to the origin, otherwise it will send it to ‘default gw’. Clients behind should in any case get a respose from 10.10.(2|3).1 as well as from if they have as gateway set. Do you have any fw rules set yet?

the client in 10.10.1.x subnet has default gateway set as which is the ip of the eth1 interface on vyos. When I initiate a ping from 10.10.1.x to i get a response. But anyother vyos eth interface or other clients in other subnets are not pingable from 10.10.1.x

Same is the case for the 10.10.2.x subnet as well.

in the vyos router each of the eth interfaces can ping each other. As I understan it, since all 3 subnets are directly connected to the vyos router I should be able to ping across any client in any one of those subnets without any static routes or forwarding rules. Is that a correct understanding or do I need additional configurations… Thanks

What’s your default route on a 10.1.1.x client? It should be Can you post the relevant parts of your config please and the image version?


Thanks hagbard… I think i was able to fix the issue. I had to update a couple of settings around the vmnets and default gateways. Thanks for the help.

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