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I have been running Vyos on an HP DL 360 G6 for several years without any issue. The server has an Intel i350 4-port gig-e card. I recently swapped out the 4 port card for an Intel 520 2 port 10-gig card. Now the system reboots periodically, say once a day - sometimes longer, sometimes shorter intervals.

Does anyone have experience with this card of can tell me where to look for a clue?

I assume you are running VyOS version 1.1.7 or 1.1.8 - this is no longer supported and we recommend to switch to the 1.2.0 release candidates (

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We will do that, but is this an issue that you have previously heard about?

We are running 1.1.8. Looking at your website, that is the latest stable version you list.

How stable is the latest 1.2.0 release?

I just noticed XL710 drivers don’t seem to be up to date. makes it difficult to test. I think we need fresh network drivers in the RC. just saying…

thanks for reporting this NIC too. good to know.

Barry, I have no evidence other than circumstantial. Server ran for 3.5 years straight (HP DL360) without a hint of a problem. I pulled the Intel i350 card out and replaced it with the Intel520 10-gigger and it reboots a couple of times per day now.

I’m replacing the server with an identical one with the i350 card. I’ll then try the “broken” one with 1.2 and see what that does.

I have the same error on 1.2.
In my case it restarts every 3-4 Days.
Also sometimes it starts to crash. Then the screen just shows the incoming packages as an error (with no further information’s)

It is an very early 1.2 version, so I don’t know if it is anything that is already fixed.
However, will check that next week.

Latest VyOS 1.2 release candidates ship kernel 4.19.4 which is worth a try!

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