Syslog Recommendations?

Hi All:

Can anyone recommend a syslog server (free preferably) that I can ship my VyOS syslog entries to? I have a handful of firewall rules I am logging and am presently using PRTG for this purpose but the interface leaves a little to be desired.

Thank you!

Hi @hazyarc, maybe graylog, it is open source.

check out:

Every Linux box ever!

Though you probably have to configure the firewall properly, and tell the syslog (or rsyslog) daemon to listen to the network.

I am not sure if an interface would be the definition of rsyslog.
Depends on couple factors such as back-log time limits and disk space you can find the right solution.
Also there different purposes for remote logging such as archive compared to “live” data.
In most cases your would want both if you have enough resources.

  • rsyslog for archive
  • graylog for live and searchable

There are other options which will work in a similar way such as ELK.

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