Troubleshooting / maintenance related questions

Hello everyone,

I have a few topics to talk about. I was going through the vyos and couldn’t find the following things. Perhaps you would be able to assist me.

Rapid ping: Looking for a ping option, where the output would be represented either by a an exclamation mark (!) for a success, a dot (.) for failed and ability to set the number of pings. Similar to Cisco ping x.x.x.x repeat 100

OSPF Statistics: Is there a way to look up the number of sent/received/self originated hello packets ? I was looking for it and the closest command was sho ip ospf interface but i could only see the hello/dead timers and OSPF settings for the selected interface

Light levels Is it possible to obtain a light level readings off of a transciever ? Is this feature supported yet?

Thank you

Hi Marek!

I could answer your first question about ping.
There is an command ping x.x.x.x flood and ping x.x.x.x count y flood in the cli that should do this, but in at least 1.2.1 it’s broken (se this bug-report: as a workaround it is possible to use the linux ping utility directly instead sudo ping -f -c 100 this does not exactly work as in a cisco device but it’s still quite easy to count dropped packets. here is from the manual page

-f Flood ping.  Outputs packets as fast as they come back or one hundred
times per second, whichever is more.  For every ECHO_REQUEST sent 
a period  ``.'' is printed, while for every ECHO_REPLY received a 
backspace is printed.  This provides a rapid display of how many packets 
are being dropped.

your last question about optic level, its not an direct way to collect this information in the cli yet, but it might be available trough: sudo ethtool -m ethX if you find your information, can you share the output of that command with me and information about what nic you use?

about the ospf question i’m afraid i have no answer at this moment