Two domain names?


So I’m totally new to VyOS, but I’m planning to use it for static mapping and dhcp on a storage network - nothing too spectacular

Since the VyOS will have access to two networks, is it possible to configure two domain names?


 eth0 is
 eth1 is

VyOS eth1 will be and hand out IPs, resolve names on only, but still have access to on eth0.

I tried the command set system domain-name, it doesn’t appear to accept multiple entries.

Or would it make more sense to re-engineer the topology to use a subdomain for storage, and the same domain for both networks - e.g.

Hi, I think you need to try to set it with DHCP Server options for different networks, if I understand you properly

set service dhcp-server shared-network-name subnet domain-name
set service dhcp-server shared-network-name subnet domain-name
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Perfect, thanks! :slight_smile:

Although, I don’t want to run a dhcp server on VyOS for, so I’m guessing I should make my system’s search domain, and my dhcp shared-network-name (?)

I do plan to have VyOS hand out IPs on, but I don’t intend to NAT between the two. will be entirely separate, and only available to VMs that have another vNIC attached to that network.

Edit: Additionally, I’d like VyOS to serve as a rudimentary DNS, is static-host-mapping what I’m looking for? Entering each name manually is entirely fine.