Unable to query SNMP anymore in a more recent 1.4 version


I have noticed that I can not query SNMP anymore after I have updated my VyOS 1.4 to a more recent version.
I think the issue has been caused by a recent change in the snmpd configuration which implemented the RESTRICTED view in the community setting.

My VyOS config is as follows:

set service snmp community COMMUNITY authorization 'ro'
set service snmp contact 'EMAIL'
set service snmp location 'LOCATION'

It is working in VyOS 1.4-rolling-202212310809 but not in VyOS 1.4-rolling-202302060317.

When I manually change the the community setting in /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf from



rocommunity COMMUNITY

and restart the SNMP service, everything is working as before.

So maybe the RESTRICTED view is to restrictive?

I’ll re check new implementation.
With your provided configuration snmpd gets an error.
If you add command such as:

set service snmp community <com> client x.x.x.x

Then, at least in my tests, it’s working (of course, this lets you use such community from the defined ip address).

To allow from all hosts, which seems the case since in you config you did not set up that restrictions:

set service snmp community <com> network

PR to fix this issue:

Thanks for the update. As recommended, I have set the restriction using network option which is working fine for me.

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