Unicast vxlans in Vyos

It seems that Linux supports unicast vxlans but Vyos does not. The docs say that the [multicast] group keyword is required. Is there any chance the docs are just out of date, or is multicast really the only control plane available in Vyos?


yes the documation is not yet correct at this point. When you take a look at the possible commands:

vyos@rtr-1# set interfaces vxlan vxlan123 [tab]
Possible completions:
+  address      IP address
 > bridge-group Add this interface to a bridge group
   description  Description
 > firewall     Firewall options
   group        Multicast group address for this VXLAN interface
 > ip           IPv4 routing parameters
 > ipv6         IPv6 routing parameters
   link         Underlay device name of this VXLAN interface
   mtu          Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)
 > policy       Policy route options
   remote       Remote address of VXLAN tunnel
   remote-port  Remote port for this VXLAN tunnel
   vni          Virtual network identifier [REQUIRED]

only vni is required. Unicast vxlan is set via remote and remote-port command. Sadly the default Port is not set automatically. I will open a feature request for that.

i tryed it in my lab and it worked even over a layer3 router in the middle of the vxlan traffic:

set interfaces bridge br1 address ''
set interfaces ethernet eth0 bridge-group bridge 'br1'
set interfaces ethernet eth2 address ''
set interfaces vxlan vxlan2 bridge-group bridge 'br1'
set interfaces vxlan vxlan2 remote ''
set interfaces vxlan vxlan2 remote-port '4789'
set interfaces vxlan vxlan2 vni '2'
set protocols static route next-hop
set service dhcp-server shared-network-name pool authoritative
set service dhcp-server shared-network-name pool subnet range range1 start ''
set service dhcp-server shared-network-name pool subnet range range1 stop ''

i will update the Documentation

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