Update Kernel on 'Current'

Hello. I’ve read through all the wiki documents and a lot of forum threads on how to build, modify, and rebuild the VyOS kernel for a new ISO but none of it mentions how to use/merge a different kernel submodule in place of the one on the VyOS github repo.

My goal is to compile my own Debian Jessie backport kernel and rebuild VyOS v1.2 ISO with it. Is this possible? And if so, does anyone know at least a little bit about where I’d need to start?

Thanks in advance to all who can help…


Get config from package. http://dev.packages.vyos.net/vyos/pool/main/l/linux-source-4.4.15-amd64-vyos/linux-image-4.4.15-amd64-vyos_4.4.15-1+vyos1+current1_amd64.deb

Clone https://github.com/vyos/vyos-kernel.

Put config from packacke to .config in root of kernel.
(Make menuconfig/oldconfig first if you make changes)

To make the kernel i use “make-kpkg” do not have complete command here, but make sure you include initrd flag.