USB Wifi Device Unplugged/Re-plug

I have configured a USB Wifi Device (TP-Link) as a Wifi access point successfully on wlan0. However, if the USB device is unplugged and then plugged back in, the interface does not come back. I can see in dmesg the device increments form phy0 to phy1 to phy2 on each unplug/plug. Only way I found fix is to reboot vyos and all is happy then.

Is there any way to force the USB device to always associate as ‘phy0’ and work if removed and reinserted?


Could you let me know which TP Link you got working? I tried a Brostrend USB which didn’t work.

TL-WN722N (On VyOS 1.2.0-rolling+201808220337 at the moment)

Still Wireless N, I tried a AC USB device… I could get it to show the WAN0 interface… configure it and at the point of commiting the change, it did nothing.