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Newbie here. Looking for any documentation that I can read up on. I visited the User Guide, FAQ and release notes for version 1.1.0 but was wondering if there was anything available beyond these resources (besides this forum and googled blog posts).

After the initial installation, I was trying to change my time zone, delete an NTP server that was set incorrectly and generally set the thing up properly to act as my core router in my hyper-v environment. Unfortunately, the first thing I tried to look up (how to delete NTP servers, set a preferred NTP server, change the time zone setting) doesn’t seem to be written anywhere.

Currently, I have a Windows server VM acting as my router bridging my private internal networks to the internet and I wanted to use Vyos instead. I really want to learn networking more than Microsoft at this point and I thought this might be helpful to use as a learning tool.



Snag these pdfs, they should get you through just about any configuration you need.


That’s what I am talking about! Thank you!!! :slight_smile:


The link is no more. :frowning:


Hey Amix,
check out this link


Main source of info will be this forums and


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