Using both local and Radius auth in L2TP/IPsec VPN

Is it possible to use both methods for the authentication (local and Radius) in L2TP (or any other) VPN? Something like profiles in Mikrotik RouterOS.

Hello @Forestarean , does not possible to use both authentication for single VPN protocol. Can you explain why you need so a strange feature?

Dear @Dmitry I’m actually trying to mimic my setup that currently runs on Mikrotik. On that device I have two separate PPP profiles:

  • One that uses pool bound to local user accounts (admin staff) and is allowed to access the server network.
  • Another one that uses bound to Radius which is not allowed to access the server network.

In RouterOS, the system first checks the local user database, and if the user is not found Radius is engaged. If this is impossible in VyOS I can use another VPN variant as a workaround. Perhaps openconnect for admins and L2TP for the rest of the users (Radius). Thanks for your interest!