vmware 2 hosts and vyos router


After a lot of headache, tried different configs… eventually I am totally lost without a clue. Let’s say I am not a CCNA, just having a basic knowledge of networking.
So here is my scenario.,
I have a Vyos router on a VM running on a vmware hoist. Let’s call it HOST1. The LAN here is HOST1 has 3 NICs. In the same HOST1 there are other VMs running. Everything is fine. VMs can ping each other and navigate the internet.
Now I would like that HOST1.VyosRouter could handle also the traffic and give internet access to another vmware Host. Let’s call it HOST2. The LAN of course has the same parameters of HOST1. HOST2 has 2 NICs.

Since I have no clue, after lot of straini, I’m not going to give details of actual configuration. It would be useless and confusing.

Can somebody describe how to get Vyos VM working correctly giving routing to HOST1+HOST2 and internet access for both? A config.boot posted would be nice :wink: and a schematic explain of vmware box switch/NICs config.

Thanks in advance



Let’s say your VyOS router LAN IF is

As long as your other HOST points to as it’s gateway and you have your router config properly, it will just work.

Please post a network diagram and your router config. This is not a complicated setup from the sound of it, but there might be more than you are letting on.