VoIP port 5060 issues

Hi guys!

I have a VoIP Phone at home with an ATA. Every thing is fine except when I reboot my VyOS router. I don’t know why but the port 5060 gets blocked so I have to change the SIP port on my ATA to 5080 to get the phone working again. The port 5060 get unblocked like 30 minutes after I change the port on my ATA.

Does anyone experience this issue before?


Can you explain more what you mean by “port 5060 gets blocked”?
Is it unable to make an outbound connection to a remote host on that hosts port 5060?
Or are you expecting an inbound NAT rule to work for you?

It’s possible you are getting caught out by the VOIP iptables helper.

if you can post some more details to explain what you mean, we might be able to help.