VXLAN vyos with subinterfaces in hyper-v

on eth0 my direct link to a second vyos I can see arp traffic from eth1.111 which is my subinterface for vlan111 which is coming from a client hosted within hyper-v with a vlan tag of 111. Previously a subinterface was created on vyos to test the vlan part works and this does.

Vyos is also hosted in hyper-v the vnic is in trunking mode (via powershell) and works.

tcpdump doesn’t show any results on the eth1.111 so not sure.
both vyos can ping each other on the vyos eth0 (direct link for vxlan) the vxlan addresses specifically can also be pinged both ways.

Both VYOS have a eth1.111 with a client with an ip of to ping each other to verify vxlan is working.

Any ideas can anyone help?