VyControl cannot load interface tab

Interfaces and firewall tab cannot load on VyControl gives error. NTP and Routing tab works flawless. Using VyOS 1.3 rolling release 18/02/2021.

VyControl it’s a community version management.
It was written exclusively by the community without involving our developers.
Try to ask @robertoberto, maybe he has some ideas.


Sorry for delay. Any issues you can send on Github project so we can help you faster.

Routing only shows and add static Routes right now.
NTP only shows current ones.

About Interfaces and Firewall please send your configuration so we can test it.

@mafiosa I finished NTP add/list/delete actions now if you get latest github code

Hello @robertoberto what is the status of vycontrol project? I saw on github it has been silent for a while. I understand its a ambitious project and you need help. Unfortunately I am not a programmer myself, but I am interested to see where this is going :slight_smile: