Vyos 1.1.7 Bug traffic

I’ve been trying to use vyos for a few months now but I’m having a problem with perfomace I’m running out 1.1.7 already tested on 2 servers pe r710 and hp 380 g7 both six core with intel 82599-es, but I have the following problem when I put in production equipment reaches 180mb of band consumption goes latency to 300ms and it does not pass more band than that, being that I need to spend 15gb in it, I bought 2 machines because at the first attempt it was not, and in the second it is not again the same problem . already tried modula static the gibics but it does not solve. I count on everyone’s help. thank you

Will recommend to use 1.2 and repeat your tests
get it here
Will be great to have hw specs and other details (this can be done with show tech-support|strip-private)

did not solve, did not solve the problem, my version of vyos is 1.1.7

What do you mean?
What did you expect to be solved?
Again, test with 1.2 not 1.1.7