Vyos 1.1.8 kernel panic



I received several times on my gateway with vyos 1.1.8

It happened at night. Traffic in these hours is almost absent

The old kernel 3.13.
Maybe there is a patch?


Random reboots on Westmere platform?


The system was running smoothly for years and we get same issue since few weeks.

Has anybody an idea ?

(It is a VM (v9) running on ESX 6.5)

Thank you




We got too many kernel panic on this router this day and, because we did not understand the reason why, we decided to upgrade it to rolling version 1.2


that is interesting
maybe you can share more details
config, vm hw settings, version of esxi with build


With 1.2 release, no more kernel panic has happened.

What I can share:

Four VM vyos 1.1.8 (well only 3 now in this release) deployed from 1.1.7 ova and upgraded to 1.1.8 many months ago.

running on ESXi, 6.5.0, 7526125
VM version = 9, then 13

2 CPU, 1 GB RAM and 10 NIC VMXNET3

Everything was running fine until kernel panic occured on one of them 3-4 weeks ago.
We got 2-3 reboot a day and yesterday it happened almost 10 ten times !

We have disabled all logs, but no change.

We then decided to upgrade with rolling version 1.2

Here are 2 screenshots of the same kernel panic if it can help:

Well…i do not have the right to post more than one image.


about config: only firewall and nat rules…no ipsec config or other stuffs on the crashing vyos


wondering if you updated ESXi in times near to when it start panic?
Any other changes lik HW or etc.?


no update nor change
3 1.1.8 still running fine.

BTW, I know this is not the place to discuss about 1.2 but we right ow had to rollback to 1.2 because after a reboot (the first one) of the new 1.2 vm, it won’t route any more any packet but management
I wonder if we have to do something after an upgrade to 1.2 ?


should work just fine after upgrade

Is there a new exploit circulating for 1.1.8?