[VyOS 1.2.5] Routing daemon crashes when changing route-map

VyOS 1.2.5 (release), built from source according to the procedure described in https://github.com/vyos/vyos-build.

We’re using VyOS as a BGP edge router for a small ISP. When I try to update a route-map with “set policy route-map routemap rule x match ip address prefix-list prefixlist”, the set command completes succesfully. After committing the change however, a bunch of errors show on the console and all connectivity is lost (all BGP peers go down).

I then need to use OOB management to login to the ESXi console and reboot the VyOS VM. This causes downtime for all users behind this router. I feel this shouldn’t be happening on a stable release?

Welcome to the Vyos forums, let’s hope we can sort you out :slight_smile:
Just to confirm it’s really 1.2.5, can you do a “show version” and put the output here?
A lot of people think they’ve built a 1.2.5 because of whatever you give to “--version” shows up. But it’s actually quite easy to checkout the 1.3 (equuleus) branch but think you’re running crux.

Hi @tjh

Thanks for the quick response.
Here’s a screenshot of “show version”:


You are definetly running a Crux branch, so that’s good!
Not good of course that BGP is crashing!

While hard to know for sure, it looks like you’re hitting a bug that someone’s already logged on the bug tracker - it might be good if you’re able to add as much detail about your crash(es) to the tracker as well, that way you’ll also get an updates etc.

The ticket in question is here. If you don’t feel it matches, then starting a new ticket would be the way to go. Sorry I don’t have any quick fixes for you.

I already checked the bug tracker, but I missed this ticket. Definitely looks related! I’ll see if I can add some more info to this ticket. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!