VyOS 1.2 AWS AMI Reachability

Hello all,

I’ve been toying around with VyOS for a few years and am interested in taking into production for a new service. I’ve got a fair bit of experience managing these kinds of services in AWS but I am having issues bringing the instance online.

I’ve subscribed to v1.2, launched the AMI, and attached an elastic IP but I cannot get the ec2 instance to respond. I’ve even granted all traffic from and still no ICMP or SSH access.

I’ve read from fellow forum users that they are using VyOS heavily in production on AWS. Is there a guide somewhere? I feel like I am missing something totally stupid and right in front of my face.


EDIT: I fixed it… Blew out the whole VPC configuration, reloaded everything and it was my fault! wrong igw-

Sorry about the spam!