VyOS 1.2 Debian Upgrade

Is it currently possible to upgrade VyOS 1.2 to use newer versions of Debian, for instance Buster or Bullseye? Or does that require moving to 1.3/1.4?

HI @renegade,

VyOS and the underlaying Debian version are tightly coupled and you can not upgrade to Buster/Bullseye without destroying your instance.

1.3.0 is in the LTS stabilisation phase and you should give it a try!

Hi @c-po , thanks for the reply! So apart from upgrading the current instance, I assume installing VyOS 1.2 on a newer Debian version is also not an option?

Only option install 1.3
You need to understand it based on Debian and uses .deb pkgs. But it is not Debian :slight_smile:

1.3 is great! we’ve been using it in production now for a couple of months mostly sticking to the rc releases and it’s been bug free for our use case.
Is there a specific reason you need 1.2?

You don’t install VyOS on top of another distro/OS. VyOS IS the distro/OS.

Why not just upgrade to 1.3.x?

Hi @pirateghost , the plan is definitely to eventually upgrade to 1.3 as soon as the first stable version is released. In the mean time, does using 1.2 (based on Jessie) pose any security risks? I understand that VyOS and Debian are not the same, I only ask because Jessie is EOL and some vulnerability scanners pick up on that and flag it as a major vulnerability.

Hi @renegade
As you said, VyOS and Debian are not the same.
VyOS uses some debian packages, and although debian Jessie became EOL, VyOS still takes cares of security matters, as we participate on the effort of extending EOL.
Please check this links: