VyOS 1.2-rolling and booting without GRUB interaction

Good. That was too easy to think of it!

Additional data points:

I have the identical issue with a Qotom bare metal install. (UEFI is 2019, so relatively recent)
It would potentially seem to be a “buggy UEFI implementation” (as described in the debian uefi wiki)
Question would there need to be a feature request to allow options to modify this upon Install image?
or a documentation update?
Note this is tried with 1.2 (built via docker) & 1.3 rolling release.
also with both installed.

Reason I believe it to be a buggy UEFI implementation is that I remove the SSD and put in another system, it boots up fine with proper countdown & no prompt.
or the VYOS installer doesn’t recognize the UEFI properly ?

Other test:
Install debian 8 UEFI only (CSM disabled) boots no problem. (get the color grub boot screen)
if I try and configure as CSM only, legacy only, also works.

Does the “install image” modify nvram
Seems like the AMI boot screen takes longer since installing vyos…

If I can provide any logs to help find the root cause, please let me know.