Vyos 1.3 (current) delete vif function does not affect linux configurations before the rebooting


I am using currently built 1.3 iso from current branch. In my tests, I faced a problem which defined step by step in below;

1- Set new vif 111 in an interface eth0

set interfaces ethernet eth0 vif 111 address (in conf mode)

2- Check “show interfaces” result in conf mode and op mode. Results are same as expected.

3- Then, delete defined vif with this command (in conf mode)

del interfaces ethernet eth0 vif 111

4- After this delete operation the result of “show interfaces” in conf mode and op mode are shown different. Also when I look interfaces with “ifconfig”, I continue to see deleted vlan within results.

I guess that it is bug of 1.3 release. Otherwise please inform me what is my mistake ?


Hi @utosun
Thanks for reporting.
I create a bug report for it. ref https://phabricator.vyos.net/T2637

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@utosun It will be fixed with next rolling release, after 24.06

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