VyOS 1.4 - 'set protocols ospf route-map ospf-in' broken


I’m unable to apply a preferred source address for prefixes installed via OSPF. Worked perfectly on 1.3 rolling for the build on the 2nd of April (most recent) whilst it doesn’t on 1.4 rolling from the same night.

vyos@1.4-rolling-202104022042:~$ show configuration commands | grep ospf-in
  set policy route-map ospf-in rule 10 action 'permit'
  set policy route-map ospf-in rule 10 description 'OSPF - Set preferred IPv4 source:'
  set policy route-map ospf-in rule 10 set src ''

vyos@1.4-rolling-202104022042:~$ configure

vyos@1.4-rolling-202104022042# set protocols ospf route-map ospf-in

vyos@1.4-rolling-202104022042# compare
  [edit protocols ospf]
  +route-map ospf-in

vyos@1.4-rolling-202104022042# commit
  [ protocols ospf ]
  Specified route-map "ospf-in" does not exist!

  [[protocols ospf]] failed
  Commit failed

David Herselman

Hi David, that is definately a bug.

Reason is a replacemwnt of - with _ in the map name and that is interpreted wrongly.

If you do not need experimental features like xdp or evpn dou are also good with 1.3.0-rc3 rolling/equuleus/amd64 • downloads.vyos.io

Thanks for confirming, could you possibly provide me with a clue as to where I find protocols_ospf.py referenced here?

Looks to me that templates for protocol ospf are pulled in from outside of vyos-1x

PS: I presume I should open a Phabricator task for this, where did you find where this mapping is handled?

Is that truly the next RC for 1.3? I don’t see it listed under the snapshots but am happy to update my RC1 assuming the RC2 “gets no WAN over DHCP” bug is resolved. Didn’t mean to highjack this thread. I’ve been eagerly awaiting RC3

Yeah rc3 is somehow not automatically added to the list of images but yes it will be the real “rc3”

Tracked via ⚓ T3464 OSPF: route-map names containing a hypen are not "found"