Vyos and online.net Multiple Failover IP

I’m using Vyos on online.net in my esxi cluster.
I added 10 failoverIps and created a Virtual MAC which I used to configure the vyos eth0.
Now the problem: if I add the ips to the eth0 interface and create the various dnat, the only dnat which works is the one for the first IP of the interface. So I thought about a ARP problem, so I added the enable_arp_announce config and so on and now I have that at least 2 dnat doesn’t work

does anyone experimentend the same situation? How can i resolve it?


you need one mac per one ip

so that means i have to create 1 interface for every public ip, setup the different mac address and setup the dedicated routing table. I want to avoid all these stuff and use all the ips on the same interface, isn’t any way to achieve that?