VyOS IPSec tunneling and release schedule

I am new to VyOS so some of the below may be obvious to longer termed members.

I’m using VyOS 1.1.1 (Helium) AMI from the AWS Marketplace as a VPN tunnel endpoint, primarily for IPSec tunneling. While I been able to get it up and running, I have been a bit frustrated as the Helium release includes StrongSwan version 4.5.2 which was released in May 2011. I’m interested in using the latest StrongSwan release (5.2.2) as it contains features I would like to have.

I looked at upgrading just the StrongSwan package but the one included in VyOS is the latest one back-ported to the Debian Squeeze release, on which the VyOS AMI is based. I also downloaded the 15-Jan-2015 build of the Lithium release and it appears by the package list, it will also use Debian Squeeze and StrongSwan version 4.5.2, i.e.:

strongswan		4.5.2-1.1-bpo60+vyos2+lithium3
strongswan-ikev1	4.5.2-1.1-bpo60+vyos2+lithium3
strongswan-ikev2	4.5.2-1.1-bpo60+vyos2+lithium3
strongswan-starter	4.5.2-1.1-bpo60+vyos2+lithium3

The project goals on the web (http://vyos.net/wiki/Project_Goals) indicate a desire to move away from Debian Squeeze:

Near future 
	• Update build infrastructure & OS core from Debian squeeze to wheezy.
		• Produce new stable release based on wheezy.

Is the Lithium release based on Debian Squeeze or Wheezy? If Squeeze, when is VyOS expected to move to a more recent Debian release and a more recent StrongSwan release?