VyOS kernel compilation problem.

Hello everyone,

I am having a bit problem in recompilation and rebuild of VyOS kernel. I learned how to rebuild the kernel from here and learned how to make iso file from here. I have edited the kernel code by putting some printk functions in ip_rcv() function in net/ipv4/ip_input.c file. But the problem is when I recompile and build the kernel and make ISO and install it, Nothing is displayed in terminal using dmesg, show log or monitor log.

Second, I have donwloaded the code on 10 Nov so the vmlinuz file created for kernel, after rebuild, always have creation date of 10 Nov even though I delete it and recreate on some later dates like 12 Nov.

Kindly help me whats the problem. Why can’t I see the output of those print() functions, I have done exactly same in Fedora 23 and I can see output.

Thanks a lot.