Vyos lab with vmworkstation - challenge NOOB

Ok heres the deal and I hope from the info I supply can assist me with my dilemma its real life

Im having to figure out something thrown at me and never used vyos before, hopefully someone can assist.

I have vm workstation 12 with several vm’s on it that need to be networked together on 3 separate networks and be able to go out to the internet…
I am in a virtual machine which is running workstation which all the builds re3side to be more precise…

the gateway to internet out is and the vm is ( this is the vm housing all the others on workstation nested as well as VYOS )

so I will need three networks within work station lets say eth3, eth4, and eth5

I ve done some reading on it and I know some say bridged, some say nat, some say dhcp…(which this is not ) all will be static addresses -

Im a bit mind boggled here and could use some direction because of this weird design…

Workstation - VYOS router, win8, win2008 server, and centos, another windows web server , internal os and external os - pheew ( all with three networks ) and must

  • all be able to get out to the internet via VYOS and also be on three 3 separate networks.

I hopw this explains my dilemma and is enough info for someone to assist me in doing this task…
My thanks in advance to all who will contribute…

yes, you can use it in that way,
just pay attention that without VLANs you will not have physical separation,
but you still can use several networks in same the brodcast domain

I want them all separate networks to connect outside to different gateway which is on external outside of workstation which workstation is running in this host - if that makes sense