Hi All,

I am trying to setup a VPN between VyOS (hosted on AWS) and GCP.
My question is how can I add the external and internal interfaces on VyOS.
Currently I only see one interface that is DHCP assigned.
I wanted to created an external interface with public IP of the VM so that I
can use it for VPN termination. is the IP that AWS has assigned
to VyOS VM.

vyos@VyOS-AMI# show interfaces
ethernet eth0 {
address dhcp
hw-id 0a:f7:c5:91:2b:93
loopback lo {

vyos@VyOS-AMI# set interfaces ethernet eth1 address

interface ethernet eth1: does not exist

Value validation failed
Set failed



vyos@VyOS-AMI# run show interfaces
Codes: S - State, L - Link, u - Up, D - Down, A - Admin Down
Interface IP Address S/L Description

eth0 u/u
lo u/u


You should study more on AWS concept and how network is organized there
Take a look what is Elastic IPs and how NAT works in AWS Cloud


@avirat, agree with Syncer, you can look at AWS NAT as they do 1:1 NAT…we have automated creating such VPNs through our platform. You can check it out at www.wanclouds.net